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Memory Matrix (Database) - Megazone 23: Video to Theatrical Version Changes


Typical of many Original Video Anime (OVA) of the period, "Megazone 23" was given a theatrical release several weeks after it's initial home video release in 1985. These limited run theatrical releases acted as a promotional push for the home video release. Because of the delay between the video and theatrical releases, the staff had time to fix a number of scenes they weren't happy with. As a result, the initial 1985 home video releases have several different cuts of animation compared to subsequent video re-releases. Both "Robotech the movie" and all English language releases of "Megazone 23" contain the corrected animation. Below are comparisons of the scenes changed in the OVA. As the original 1985 video releases are on rather low resolution formats, I was unable to provide any higher resolution shots than what is presented below.


This very early cut of Shogo on his motorcycle speeding to get away from the police (at the 37 to 39 second mark) was re-shot as the original animation had jerky movements.


Several cuts in the sequence with Eve Tokimatsuri singing "Sentimental Behind Our Backs" (from 0:04:35 to 0:04:51) have her hair recoulored to a light green. I've always found this decision perplexing as she has light blue/white hair in every other scene in the OVA.


One of the cuts in the OVA where Shogo calls Eve's TV show (from 0:13:32 to 0:13:37), did not have the video monitor effect applied to it, which was corrected for the theatrical version.


A correction to one of the most glaring continuity errors in the original video release; Shogo is chased by the army after attempting to expose the Garland on Eve's TV show. As a man on a Hargun chases him and attempt to capture him using wires, he rides past two trucks in order to throw him from his Hargun (from 0:18:10 to 0:18:12) In the preceding shots, two Hargun transport trucks can be clearly seen. However in the next shot (above left), a completely different truck appears. This was corrected for the theatrical release.


This quick shot in the battle sequence in the underground abandoned city near Bahamut (from 0:32:38 to 0:32:39), was changed to give the Garland some movement (which was just the cel of the Garland sliding from right to left). In the original video release the Garland was static.

The most significant changes to the theatrical version of "Megazone 23" occur in the last four cuts of the film (from 1:18:09 to 1:18:47). In the first of these cuts, Shogo is seen limping home through Shibuya after being beaten in battle with BD. At the end of the above cut, new animation of Yui is overlaid, who seemingly smiles at him while he walks home.

The second cut replaces the shot looking down Meiji-dori avenue with a more detailed background which zooms out to reveal the famous 109 department store, one of the best known landmarks of the area.

The third cut in this sequence also replaces the background art with a more accurate and detailed version of Shibuya. The shot in the original video release had two banners on a building in the lower right of the picture, both of which read "Megazone 23", one in Japanese and one in English.

The very last cut in "Megazone 23", like the previous ones, replaces the original shot with a more accurate and detailed view of Shibuya from above.

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