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Staff Profiles


Carl MacekCarl Macek - Director/Story (English Adaptation)
Carl Macek had a long career in the US animation industry. He first rose to fame in the mid 1980's working with Harmony Gold, the owners of the "Robotech" franchise. Credited as Supervising Director of the "Robotech" TV series, he thought up the idea of stringing together three unrelated anime TV series to create it as well the overall storyline connecting all three. After helming failed projects at Harmony Gold such as "Captain Harlock and the Queen of a Thousand Years" and "Robotech II: The Sentinels", he formed his own company, Streamline Pictures with Jerry Beck in 1988. The company broke anime into the mainstream with the US theatrical release of "Akira" in 1989. The company also popularised anime in the video market with an emphasis on dub only titles aimed more towards a general market, unlike the other emerging US anime companies who focused more on fans. In the mid 1980's Macek was christened the "anti-Christ" amongst many fans in the anime community who objected to his changes to the three series that made up "Robotech". He even received hate mail and death threats, despite the fact the great majority of his post-Harmony Gold English adaptations were very faithful to the original material and unedited. After selling Streamline Pictures in the late 1990's to Orion Pictures, Macek has worked on a number of projects including writing the screenplay the animated film "Lady Death" as well as numerous English adaptations for anime series. Carl Macek passed away due to a heart attack on 17 April 2010.

Noburo IshiguroNoburo Ishiguro - Director/Original Story
Noburo Ishiguro has directed many of fandom's favourite anime titles including "Space Cruiser Yamato II", "Super Dimensional Fortress Macross", "Macross: Do You Remember Love?", "Super Dimensional Century Orguss", "Legend of the Galactic Heroes" and one of my personal favourites, the 1980 TV series of "Astroboy". He founded the animation studio Artland in 1978, which in part still operates today. "Megazone 23" was the studio's first original production not based off a manga or novel. Noburo Ishiguro passed away on 21 March 2012. One of his last projects was was the TV series "Tytania".

Harmony GoldHarmony Gold - Production
Harmony Gold are a production company who began business in 1983. Most of their early output included English adaptations of foreign language material, mostly anime. Their big break came in 1985 with the TV series "Robotech", which was a world wide hit and spawned a range of sometimes quite odd merchandise and many sequels, the majority of which bombed or even failed to get past the development stage. In the mid 1980's the company co-funded the live action TV series "Shaka Zulu" with the South African Broadcasting Corporation, despite the fact economic sanctions against Apartheid were still in place. Another hit for the company was the 1988 TV special "The Secret Identity Of Jack The Ripper", which was hosted by Peter Ustinov and supposedly provided new evidence in the famous murders. In 2006, Harmony Gold completed and marketed their first new entry into "Robotech" franchise for nearly 20 years, "Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles". A somewhat substandard follow up called "Robotech: Love Live Alive" which did include some new animation but was chiefly comprised of pre-existing material. The company recently returned to producing original films as they did in the 1980's and 1990's with the direct to video "The Big Goofy Secret of Hidden Pines" in 2013.

Cannon FilmsCannon Films - Production/Distribution
Minor "B" film studio, Cannon Films, was formed in the US in the early 1970's, but was bought out by two Israeli immigrants, Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus, in the late 1970's who transformed it into one of the biggest independent Hollywood studios of the 1980's. The studio started creating and distributing exploitation films and cornered the market with them during the early 1980's. Some of their more notable titles included; "Death Wish 2", "Enter the Ninja", "Superman IV: The Quest For Peace", "Cobra", "Invasion U.S.A.", the live action "Masters of the Universe" and "Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo". Their films were pivotal in the careers of Chuck Norris, Charles Bronson, and Sylvester Stallone. Tobe Hooper, who directed the original "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" also found a home at the studio and made "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2", "Invaders From Mars" and the infamous "Lifeforce" for Cannon in the mid 1980's. After buying out Thorn-EMI and making some very poor financial decisions, Cannon Films finally went bankrupt during the early 1990's.

Ardwight ChamberlainArdwight Chamberlain - Screenplay (English Adaptation)
Ardwight Chamberlain is probably most famous for providing the voice of Kosh in "Babylon 5". Since the the 1980's Chamberlain has worked mostly as a script writer on English adaptations of anime as well as voice acting. Some of his writing credits include; "Robotech", "Robotech II: The Sentinels", "Samurai Pizza Cats", "SD Gundam Force" and "Digimon: Digital Monsters". He also wrote the English adaptation and directed the English cast of the series "Teknoman".

Haruhiko MikimotoHaruhiko Mikimoto - "Eve" Character Designer
Haruhiko Mikamito, sometimes known by his trademark signature, HAL, is best known for his character designs for "Macross". In fact he has provided character designs for most of the "Macross" anime to date including the original TV series, "Macross II", and "Macross 7". Since "Macross", Mikamito has been a very in demand character designer, and has provided designs for "Gunbuster (Aim for the Top!)", "Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket" and "Super Dimensional Century Orguss" he also wrote and drew the manga "Marionette Generation" and "Macross 7: Trash".

Toshihiro HiranoToshihiro Hirano - Character Designer/Animation Director
Toshihiro Hirano, who in recent times likes to use the name Toshiki Hirano, came to prominence in the mid 1980's with the OVA hits "Dangaioh", "Vampire Princess Miyu" and the "Iczer" series; "Iczer-One", "Iczer 3" and "Iczelion". For all of these series he provided direction, story and character designs. "Vampire Princess Miyu" was based of the manga by Narumi Kakinouchi, who also happens to be his wife. Hirano also directed "Magic Knight Rayearth" and provided character designs for "Ninja Warrior Tobikage", better known in English speaking countries as "Ninja Robots". His most recent work as director was in 2005 for the anime adaptation of "Angel Heart", the follow up series to "City Hunter".

Ichiro ItanoIchiro Itano - Animation Director/Action Director
Ichiro Itano is best known for his incredibly detailed action sequences in the "Macross" series, including the original TV series, "Macross Do You Remember Love?" and "Macross Plus". His scenes are known as the "Itano Circus" because of his trademark highly detailed aerial action sequences which include scenes of masses of missiles launched by Zentradi and Valkayre craft. Apart from specialising in action sequences in anime, Itano has directed "Angel Cop", "Violence Jack" and "Gantz". He also was the director on the sequel to "Megazone 23", "Megazone 23 Part II".

Michael BradleyMichael Bradley - Music Producer/Song Writer/Performer
One of the most important parts of "Robotech the movie" was it's music. Four of the six songs in the film were co-written and produced by Michael Bradley, and he also preformed "Underground" with Joann Harris. Bradley also preformed Yellow Dancer's singing voice in the "Robotech" TV series. He co-wrote "When The Rain Begins To Fall", which was a big hit for Jermaine Jackson and Pia Zadora in Euopean countries in early 1985. Bradley also wrote the music and lyrics to many of the songs for the TV series "Fame" and provided the music for many of Harmony Gold's early anime adaptations.

Other Notable Staff
Yasuomi Umetsu (creator and character designer for "Mezzo Forte", "Kite" "Robot Carnival: Presence") drew some of the storyboards and provided some of the minor character designs. Hideaki Anno (director of "Evangelion", "Nadia of the Mysterious Seas"), Nobuteru Yuki (character designer for "Record of Lodoss Wars") and Narumi Kakinouchi (manga artist for "Princess Vampire Miyu") worked on the film as assistant directors and also did key animation.


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