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Merchandise - Promotional Material


This section contains information on "Robotech the movie" promotional items. Seeing as it has been over 35 years since the movie was released, promotional material for the film is pretty hard to find. Also Cannon Films' promotion of the film wasn't all that great, so there's probably little promotional material to be found. As a result I have included promotional material from the Argentinean release and other promotional material for other related "Robotech the movie" merchandise.


Robotech Feature Film Flyer

Robotech Feature Film Flyer front Robotech Feature Film Flyer rear

This two sided sales flyer from Harmony Gold, printed circa late 1985, only includes images from "Macross" (the first arc of "Robotech") and rundown of the TV series story on the reverse. The now defunct Robotech merchandise website I took this from stated that this flyer was for "Robtech the movie", I note that on the flyer the runtime given for the movie is only 70 minutes, while the completed film ran for an additional 15 minutes. I suspect this is actually a sales flyer for "Codename: Robotech" which has a similar runtime to that on the flyer.


"Robotech the movie" 1985 Trade Newspaper Advertisement 

I believe this trade newspaper advisement appeared in various film related magazines in 1985, nearly a year before the release of the film. Note that Steven Kramer is credited with writing the screenplay (he wrote an early rejected version of the film's script). Ardwight Chamberlain was credited with the script in the finished film. A higher quality image of the advertisement can be accessed here.


"Robotech the movie" One Sheet Theatrical Poster

"Robotech the movie" One Sheet Theatrical Poster

The infamous and ubiquitous poster for the US theatrical release of the movie. The most common surviving promotional item for the film. While most images for the poster on the internet are quite blurry and small, I have managed to source a higher quality image which can be accessed here.


"Robotech the movie" Press Kit Photos

"Robotech the movie" Press Kit Photos

I believe this 8" x 10" photo comes from a Harmony Gold press kit for the movie. The existence of this press kit seems to be at odds with claims from Macek that there was practically no promotional material created or sent out for the film (at least on Cannon Film's part). Perhaps this photo and the press kit were created and never used for a planned nationwide release of the film. The text on the photo; "Separated during the alien attack, Mark Landry and his girlfriend Becky Franklin, are reunited moments before Landry must risk everything in an attempt to defeat the invading Robotech Masters in 'Robotech: the Movie... The Untold Story'. Opening (date) at (theatre). 'Robotech: the Movie... The Untold Story' will run at (times). ©1986 Harmony Gold U.S.A., Inc/Idol Co. All Rights Reserved". Apart from not describing the movie accurately at all, it is interesting to note that the photo states that Becky's surname is Franklin, yet in the film she is called Becky Michaels. A higher quality image can be accessed here.


"Robotech the movie" Comic Book Shop Contest Flyer

A flyer advertising the film in 14 theatres around the Dallas Metroplex area on the front with a trivia contest on the back. If you answered all 10 questions correctly, you could have won one of 25 movie posters signed by Carl Macek. A unnamed grand prize was also up for grabs in a separate draw. The questions seem unreasonably difficult and would require seeing the film at least once. It seems that the flyer was distributed in Fantastic World comic book shops all over Dallas. The original scan of this flyer was sourced from John Oppliger's blog. Higher quality images can be accessed here and here.


"Robotech" Comic Book Advertisements

Harmony Gold advertisements for the "Robotech" TV series, "Robotech the movie" and "Robotech II: the Sentinels". Both appeared in Comico "Robotech" comic books during 1986. Higher quality images can be accessed here and here.


"Robotech the movie" 1986 Trade Newspaper Advertisement

A second trade newspaper advertisement from late 1986 which seems to proclaim the film was "in release", when clearly it wasn't, in the United States at least. This version bears the same credits as the movie poster. At this point in time, Cannon must have been still planing a wide US release of the film. Despite the print advert proclaiming 1987 would be Cannon's year at the box office, instead the studio had several high profile box office flops which would lead to their demise. A higher quality image of the advertisement can be accessed here.


"Robotech La Pelicula" One Sheet Theatrical Poster

"Robotech la Perlicula" One Sheet Theatrical Poster

The Argentinean theatrical release poster for its circa late 1986 or early 1987 release. In the 2000's it could be easily found in the second hand "Robotech" memorabilia market, however is a much rarer item now days. The design isn't too far off the US poster. A larger image of the poster can be found here.


"El Mago de Oz" / "Robotech La Pelicula" Newspaper Advertisement

An extremely rare Argentinean newspaper advertisement from June 1988 for the Spanish language dub of the 1982 "Wizard of Oz" anime movie and "Robotech the movie". Both films are being screened over the long weekend as there is a public holiday on the Monday (possibly Flag Day). I believe the cinema is in Buenos Aires, but the advertisement seems incomplete. I sourced this image from an Argentinean anime blog. A larger image can be found here.


"El Prontuario de un Argentino" / "Robotech La Pelicula" Magazine Advertisement

"El Prontuario de un Argentino" / "Robotech La Perlicula" Magazine Advertisement

A rare Argentinean advertisement from a video industry magazine for the Tauro Video releases of the crime drama "El Prontuario de un Argentino (The Handbook of Argentine)" and "Robotech the movie". As the films seem poles apart in terms of content, Iím not exactly too sure why they have been placed in the one advert. The blog I sourced this from states that the films were released in July or August 1987.


"Robotech the movie" Comic Book Advertisement

An Academy Comics comic book advertisement for their two part comic book adaptation of "Robotech the movie" from 1996. A larger image can be found here.


Tommy Yune "Robotech the Untold Story" Fan Art Image

Tommy Yune "Robotech the Untold Story" Fan Art Image

I suppose this counts as a promotional item. This was uploaded on the website by Harmony Gold's Tommy Yune in 2001; "I finally digitized and cleaned up this image that I drew in 1986 when I realized that the inks and watercolor dyes were deteriorating. There are also some nice words scribbled on the back by Reba West, the voice of Lynn Minmay".

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