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Megazone 23 - Character Profiles


Shogo YahagiShogo Yahagi
Shogo is a rather rebellious but not very bright 18 year old. He has a smart mouth which constantly gets him into trouble. Shogo acquires the transformable bike, the Garland, after a meeting with his friend is disrupted by a group of men claiming to be from the company that produces the bike. Shogo usually hangs out with his friends at a motorcycle shop called "Coco Nutts" and works part time at McDonalds. Shogo is played by Masato Kubota. In the Streamline Pictures dub, Shogo is played by Bob Bergen who played Lupin III in the Streamline versions of the "Lupin III" movies and No-face in "Spirited Away". In the ADV Films dub, Shogo is played by Vic Mignogna who has previously provided the voice for Kurz Weber in "Full Metal Panic!" and Edward Elric in "Fullmetal Alchemist".

BD is a commander in the military. He attempts to retrieve the experimental Garland from Shogo, but fails numerous times. BD is a very cunning man and will just about do anything to achieve his goals. BD is played by Kaneto Shiozawa who has also played Rei in "Fist of the North Star", D in "Vampire Hunter D" and Larva in "Vampire Princess Miyu". Kaneto died in May 2000 after falling down a flight of stairs. In the Streamline Pictures dub, BD is played by Gregory Snegoff. Greg's others roles have included, DJ Bill in the "Lensman" movie, Duke 'Golgo 13' Togo in the Streamline Pictures dub of "The Professional: Golgo 13" and strangely enough BD's counterpart, Colonel B.D. Andrews, in "Robotech the movie". Greg also worked as the dub director on Streamline Pictures English dub of "Megazone 23 Part 1". Andy McAvin plays BD in ADV Film's dub. He has previously played Ichiro "Icchan" Mihara in "Angelic Layer" and Richard Mardukas in "Full Metal Panic!".

Yui TakanakaYui Takanaka
Yui is a professional dancer whose luck is finally turning around and finds herself now appearing as a dancer on TV shows. She begins a relationship with Shogo after he nearly crashes into her on a sidewalk. But the relationship is a troubled one as Shogo is pulled into a military conspiracy. Yui shares an apartment with Tomomi Murashita and Mai Yumekanou. Yui is played by Maria Kawamura who has also played Jung Freud in "Gunbuster (Aim for the Top!)", Naga the Serpent in "Slayers" and Lisa in "Megazone 23 Part III". Barbara Goodson plays Yui in the Streamline Pictures dub. She has previously played Nandaba Naota in "FLCL (Furi Kuri)", Prime Minister Kayabuki in "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex" and Suzy Sue (AKA Yui Takanaka) in the obscure Harmony Gold dub of "Megazone 23 Part II". In the ADV Films dub, Allison Shipp plays Yui and has also played Misato Katsuragi in "Evangelion", Melissa Mao in "Full Metal Panic!" and Nuku in "Cat Girl Nuku Nuku".

Eve TokimatsuriEve Tokimatsuri
Eve is a mysterious but extremely popular singer. She has her own TV show called "Only You" where fans call up to discus their problems, but when Shogo calls her, he is set upon by BD's men. But this is not just mere coincidence. There's much more to Eve than the public knows. Eve is played by Kumi Miyasato who was a popular singer during the 1980's in Japan. In the Streamline Pictures dub, Brittany Harlowe played Eve, who also played the part of Becky Michaels (Yui Takanaka) in Harmony Gold's 1986 adaptation of "Megazone 23", "Robotech the movie". In ADV Film's dub, Monica Rial plays Eve. She has also provided the voice for Hyatt in "Excel Saga", Haruka Shitow in "RahXephon" and Misa Hayase in "Macross".

Tomomi MurashitaTomomi Murashita
Tomomi is an aspiring film maker. She is 17 and lives with Yui Takanaka and Mai Yumekanou in an apartment. Upon seeing Shogo's Garland, she convinces Shogo and Yui to be the leads in her movie, and formulates a plot for film based on the bike, which unbeknownst to her is incredibly like what is happening Shogo's world. But the making of the film has dire consequences for Tomomi. Tomomi is played by Miina Tominaga who has provided the voice for Noa Izumi in "Patlabor", Karin Aoi in "DNAČ" and Yahiko Myoujin in "Rurouni Kenshin". In the Streamline Pictures dub, Edie Mirman played Tomomi. She has previously played Fujiko Mine in the Streamline Pictures dubs of the "Lupin III" movies, Clarissa 'Chris' McDougal in the "Lensman" movie and Tomomi's counterpart in "Robotech the movie", Kelley Stevens. Hilary Haag played Tomomi in ADV Film's dub. She has also played Megumi Shitow in "RahXephon", Teletha Testarossa in "Full Metal Panic!" and Menchi in "Excel Saga".

Mai YumekanouMai Yumekanou
Mai is an aspiring singer and also lives in the apartment with Yui Takanaka and Tomomi Murashita. Her father is Eigen Yumekanou, who is aiding BD in a plot to take over the government. Mayumi Shou played Mai, and has also played Mia Alice in "Dangaioh", Nagisa Kanou in "Iczer-One" and Chi Chi in "Dragon Ball". Lia Sargent played Mai in the Streamline Pictures dub. She has also voiced Morgan le Fay in "Ah! My Goddess: The Movie", Nanami Jinnai in "El Hazard" and Milly Thompson in "Trigun". Sasha Paysinger played Mai in ADV Film's dub. She has also played Hatoko Kobayashi in "Angelic Layer" and Misao Nanjo in "Pani Poni Dash!".

Shinji NakagawaShinji Nakagawa
Shinji is one of Shogo's biker friends. He gets a job as a test riding an amazing new bike for a company, which is called a Bahamut (i.e. the Garland). Even though the bike is top secret Shiji is disturbed so much by the advanced technology in it he decides to show it to Shogo. Kouichi Yamadera provides the voice for Shinji. He has also played Spike Spiegel in "Cowboy Bebop", Togusa in "Ghost in the Shell" and Ryouji Kaji in "Evangelion". Dan Woren played Shinji in the Streamline Pictures dub, and has also played Roy Fokker in "Robotech", Rene D'anclaude in "Armitage III" and Shinji's counterpart in "Robotech the movie", Todd Harris. In the ADV Film's dub, Illich Guardiola voices Shinji, and has also played Masaru Kato in "Gantz", Shinjiro Hayashida in "Cromartie High School" and Ryusuke Yamino in "Detective Loki".

Coco runs a motor bike repair shop called Coco Nutts. It's a hang out for the young bikers including Shogo, Morley and Chombo. He seems to have an affection for the guys and always looks out for them. He seems to be one of the very few adults that they look up to. Hitoshi Takagi played Coco, who has also played Moomin Papa in "Moomin" and Big Totoro in "My Neighbor Totoro". In the Streamline Pictures dub, Mike Reynolds provides the voice for Coco. He has previously played Giuseppi Mayart in the Streamline Pictures dub of "Wicked City" and Captain Mike Hamilton in "Lily C.A.T.". John Swasey played Coco in the ADV Films dub. He has previously played Karl Haushofer in "Fullmetal Alchemist" and Professor Kakuzawa in "Elfen Lied".

Hiroki Mori (Morley)Hiroki Mori (Morley)
One of Shogo's best friends. Nicknamed Morley, he often hangs out at Coco's bike shop or rides with Shogo around Shibuya. When war breaks out, he doesn't hesitate and joins the military. Yuuji Mitsuya played Morley and has also voiced Marg in "God Mars" and Virgo Shaka in "Saint Seiya". Kerrigan Mahan provided the voice for Morley in the Streamline Pictures dub. He has also provided the voice for Kimball Kinnison in the "Lensman" movie, Carson in the Streamline Pictures dub of "Dirty Pair: Project Eden", Bunta Fujiwara in "Initial D" and Mark Landry (Shogo Yahagi) in Harmony Gold's 1986 adaptation of "Megazone 23", "Robotech the movie". Kurt Stoll plays Morley in the ADV Films dub. He has previously played Kensuke Aida in "Evangelion" and Yoshiki Yaegashi in "Blue Seed".

Shigeru Tomota (Chombo)Shigeru Tomota (Chombo)
Nicknamed Chombo, Shigeru is another of Shogo's biker friends who hang out at Coco's, though he gives the impression of being a bit more easily influenced than the others. Like Morley, he enlists to join the armed forces when war breaks out, much to the disgust of Coco. Katsumi Toriumi plays Chombo, and has also voiced Scott Heyward in "Vifam" and Roanne Demitrich in "SPT Layzner". Kirk Thornton played Chombo in the Streamline Pictures dub. He has also voiced Black Jack in the "Black Jack" OVA series, Bunshichi Tawara in "Tenjho Tenge" and Don Patch in "Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo". Mark X. Laskowski played Chombo in the ADV Films dub. He has played Jun Aoi in "Nadesico" and Masaharu Ogata in "Angelic Layer".

Eigen YumekanouEigen Yumekanou
Eigen is the head of Yumekanou Zaibatsu, a fairly wealthy company. He secretly helps funds BD to help him take control of the government. In providing funds to BD, his company is set to become the sole military hardware supplier to the government. Eigen is the father of Mai Yumekanou. Although his role is quite small in this part of the story, his character has a larger and pivotal role in "Megazone 23 Part II". Kiyoshi Kobayashi played Eigen, and has also played Watari in "Death Note", Jigen Daisuke in "Lupin III" and Aguille Delaz in "Gundam 0083". Mike Forest voiced Eigen in the Streamline Pictures dub, and has also played Alex Rosewater in "The Big O". John Tyson played Eigen in the ADV Films Dub, and has also played Hairi in the ADV Films dub of "Crying Freeman".

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