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Robotech the movieWelcome to the only English website in existence that is wholly dedicated to the infamous "Robotech the movie (aka the Untold Story)".

No, this is not a website about the "Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles" movie, nor the on again, off again, long delayed live action movie of the "Robotech" franchise currently being produced by Sony Pictures and Harmony Gold.

This website is about the 1986 film "Robotech the movie", a co-production by Harmony Gold and defunct B-movie producer Cannon Films. You may have never heard of this film, which is quite understandable. The film was only shown for a month in Dallas, Texas from 25 July 1986 as part of a test screening. Although it never received a home video release in the United States, it did receive English language video releases in the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands in the late 1980's and into the very early 1990's, as well as an English TV broadcast on South African TV in the late 1980's. Despite the resurgence in interest in all things Robotech in the early 2000's, strangely the full length film was never been released on commercial DVD or BD (a 29 minute edit comprising only of the "Southern Cross" segments was released in 2011), nor was it bootlegged widely, despite increasingly rare original UK VHS copies of the movie fetching prices upwards of US$60 in the 2000's.

The film, mostly based on the 1985 Japanese Original Video Animation "Megazone 23", was made to cash in on the success of the "Robotech" TV series and profits of the film were planned to be used as capital to fund the follow up Robotech TV series, "Robotech II: The Sentinels". Although the film remained in Dallas cinemas for around a month as part of a test screening and did "exceptionally well"  at the box office (according to the film's director Carl Macek), plans to release the film across the US on 1,400 screens the following month were shelved when the distributor, Cannon Films, discovered teenagers and young adults made up the vast majority of the audience. Cannon had already planned a nationwide advertising campaign aimed at children and decided to either retool the film or change the marketing. However Cannon Film's increasing financial difficulties scuttled plans to relaunch the film. The behind the scenes chaos of the production of "Robotech the movie" caused it's director, Carl Macek, to practically disown the film altogether. He felt it was a disaster area, mostly due to interference and major changes to the original unreleased cut of the film forced upon him by producers at Cannon Films. This included cutting around a third of the "Megazone 23" footage as well as including footage from "Southern Cross", the series which made up the second arc of the "Robotech" TV series.

One of the most interesting things about the film is that Harmony Gold (the producers of "Robotech"), commissioned the Japanese production company who made "Megazone 23" (Idol Co Ltd), to create a brand new ending for the film. This ending is completely different to the original ending of "Megazone 23", and was included on video releases of an obscure English dub of "Megazone 23 Part II" that was only released in Japan with Japanese subtitles in 1987. According to a 2008 interview with "Megazone 23" director, Ishigoro Noboru, the animation for this new ending was produced by the anime studio AIC (of "Tenchi Muyo!" fame).

I created this website because I was really surprised at the lack of information, as well as the great amount of misinformation that was on the web about this film. A lot of sites actually claim that it was never released on home video in English, and this is simply untrue. I've tried as hard as possible to make this website as complete and accurate as possible, but if you find something that's not correct or wish to add some more info, please feel free to email me. Thanks! This website was last updated on 18 December 2021. Please see here for a list of pages updated.


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