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Merchandise - Other Foreign Mercahndise


This section contains "Robotech the movie" commercial products that were sold in countries other than English speaking ones. I suspect there were a few video releases in languages other than English of the film, however it is pretty much impossible to find any solid evidence they existed, let alone copies or even images of the covers of these releases. If you have a foreign language copy of this film on video that is not listed here, please email me a scan of the cover. Any info you can supply me about any foreign video releases would be much appreciated.


Japanese "Megazone 23 Part II" Movie Programme

Megazone 23 Part II Japanese Movie Programme

Megazone 23 Part II Japanese Movie Programme Robotech Pages

A 24 page Japanese movie programme available to buy in cinemas during the theatrical release of "Megazone 23 Part II" in April 1986. Strangely, the programme contains a two page spread with images from the ending of "Robotech the movie", though it is referred to as the "Foreign Special", with no mention of the film it came from.


"Robotech La Pelicula" Argentinean VHS Tape  

"Robotech La Pelicula" Argentinean VHS Tape

A Spanish language VHS tape of the film released in Argentina in either July or August 1987 by Tauro Video. The film also had a theatrical release in Argentina sometime in late 1986 or early 1987.


"Robotech the movie" Swedish VHS Tape

"Robotech the movie" Swedish VHS Tape

A Swedish language VHS tape released by Sandrews Video sometime during 1988.


"Robotech the movie" Spanish Language Comics  

"Robotech the movie" Spanish Language Comic Issue 1 "Robotech the movie" Spanish Language Comic Issue 2

A two part comic adaptation translated in Spanish and released in Argentina by Racing Comics in December 1997. The original comic was by writer Benny R. Powell and artist Chia-Chi Wang and published in the US by Academy Comics in 1996. The Argentinean versions are notable because of the alternate cover artwork.


"Robotech: Los Archivos - Robotech La Película: La Historia no Contada" Chilean/Argentinean DVD

"Robotech: Los Archivos - Robotech La película: La Historia no Contada" Chilean/Argentinean DVD

The fifth volume in a Robtech DVD series which was released in Chile and Argentina in December 2012 by a company called Edisur. I am unsure of the actual contents of the DVD in terms of "Robotech the movie" material, but I think it contains the similar material as A&E’s US release; the 29 minute edit of "Robotech The Movie: The Untold Story", opening and closing animatics and the TV commercial.

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