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Memory Matrix (Database) - Image Gallery - Deleted Cuts and Alternate Titles


This section contains images mostly from deleted animation cuts that were excised from the ending sequence that was created by Japanese animation studio AIC specifically for "Robotech the movie". Even though the animation was specially ordered by Harmony Gold, the footage was edited slightly for the final film (mostly the climatic battle between Mark and Edwards), resulting in some entire cuts (or shots) or parts thereof being deleted. I have also included an alternate opening credit that differs from the final theatrical and most home video versions. I have tried to improve the quality as much as possible, but unfortunately the resolution is a little low on sources I have taken them from. I have taken the majority of screenshots below from the bonus footage from the 2005 Japanese Atlus DVD of "Megazone 23 Part II Overseas Edition & Part I Special Film", which seems to be entire unedited ending film.


Above is the only instance of the film's title card reading "Robotech the Untold Story". It only appears on the cut down release of the film which was first released on A&E Entertainment’s "Robotech: The Complete Series" 2011 DVD box set. In every other commercial video release, the movie's title card reads "Robotech the movie". The video source for this particular version of the movie seems to come from a fairly worn composite video master. I suspect it was created for TV broadcasts (the film was broadcast at least once on South African TV in the late 1980's), but I have no evidence to confirm this. Click on the image for a higher resolution version.



A small curio from the opening animation; the final shot of the Earth seems to have been flipped upside down in the final film. This is a bit baffling as Harmony Gold storyboarded and commissioned the animation specifically for the film. Click on the images for higher resolution versions.



This very short animation cut originally appeared between a shot of a pan of the airport (at around 65 minutes into the final cut) and B.D. Andrews watching Professor Embrey board his plane via video screen. In the deleted shot, Andrews can be seen communication with soldiers via radio, then smirking, only to have a more serious expression upon seeing Professor Embrey board his plane on screen. Click on the images for higher resolution versions.



Mark infiltrates the hanger where a new fighter is stored. He incapacitates two soldiers, but seen by a third who fires on him. Mark escapes though a door and climbs towards the cockpit. The following shot (around 72 minutes into the final cut) a solider informs his subordinate to inform command of the intruder. The original shot was slightly longer with the solider turning his head and speaking. Click on the images for higher resolution versions.


Once Mark is in the fighter, the army manage to shut down the controls in the cockpit. Later Andrews has deployed tanks in order to stop Professor Embrey's plane from taking off. In the following scene, Eve has managed to restart the fighter's controls. In a deleted cut immediately following that scene (around 73 minutes into the final cut), Mark winks at Eve on the monitor and unrecorded dialogue (in the final cut at least) follows. Click on the images for higher resolution versions.


As the fighter Mark has commandeered gets ready to take off, the ground rumbles and after a shot panning down to a Shibuya street appears, these two quick cuts were deleted from the final cut of the film (around 74 minutes into the final cut); first a shot of "Tiger Ojisan", who is based upon a real person colloquially known as Shinjuku Tiger Mask, an avid cinema patron and newspaper delivery man who has been working in the Chome 3 area of Shinjuku in Tokyo since the late 1970's. This character can be seen briefly in "Megazone 23" and presumably in the original cut of "Robotech the movie" (his "Megazone 23" does not appear in the final cut of "Robotech the movie"), hence his inclusion in this ending animation. As he is in military garb, one can only assume he joined the army. The second cut is of a delivery man. Nether cut is actually animated and only includes camera shake to indicate motion. Click on the images for higher resolution versions.


This shot of Becky appears at around 75 minutes into the final cut. In the film Mark's fighter heads towards the airport and past Becky's apartment. Knowing that the fighter is headed for the airport and worried about Stacy's safety, she rushes out of the building to her. The extend cut has her internal shock being expressed visually with a quick change to monochromatic colours then back to colour. While common in anime and manga of the time, one can only assume that Carl Macek thought a western audience would be confused by this visualisation of Becky's shock. Click on the images for higher resolution versions.


As Mark begins to attack Andrew's forces at the airport, Andrews himself decides to suit up and take him on in his own Hargun. Andrews manages to shoot Mark's fighter down. As it spins out of control and hurtles towards the ground, Eve urges Mark to pull the joy stick. In the next shot (at around 79 minutes into the film) we see Mark clutching the joy stick. In the original animation the cut is marginally longer. Mark looks around in shock as the fighter begins to transform around him. Click on the images for higher resolution versions.


The original animation and final cut during Mark and Edwards' climatic battle differ greatly. The final cut has been edited (somewhat sloppily) to show Mark fighting two robots; first one of Edward's men, then finally Edward himself. However in the original animation there is only one battle; the one between between Mark and Edwards. In the process several short cuts of animation have been excised. The shot above actually appears in the final cut with about half a second trimmed from the final cut of the film. In the original animation Mark fires on Edwards who dodges it, seeming to disappear. In the final cut of the film, the shot above deletes the disappearance. Click on the images for higher resolution versions


As I have previously explained, in the final version of "Robotech the movie", the climatic battle between Mark and Edwards has been cut to pieces and reassembled to show Mark taking on two Hargun robots. The cut above was excised completely from the final film. At around the 80 minute mark in the final version the film, Mark manages to take the arm off of Andrews' Hargun robot with a second shot showing it fall to the ground. The deleted shot shows Mark surprised and then seemingly remorseful for what he's done. It's unclear in the original animation, but it seems that Mark thinks he may have killed Andrews. Click on the images for higher resolution versions


The third shot deleted from this sequence follows on directly from the deleted shot above this one. While Mark seemingly feels regretful for what he has done, he suddenly senses some one behind him. In the original animation this was of course B.D. Andrews in his Hargun. In the reedited final version of the film it is one of Andrews' men in a Hargun identical to Andrews! Click on the images for higher resolution versions.


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