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Character Profiles


Mark LandryMark Landry
Mark Landry is a rather rebellious teenager who works at a motorbike garage called Bob's Repair Shop. He has a rather smart mouth which constantly gets him into trouble (especially with his girlfriend, Becky Michaels). Mark acquires the transformable bike/computer terminal, the MODAT 5, after a meeting with his friend is disrupted by military agents. Mark is played by Kerrigan Mahan (credited as Ryan O'Flannigan in the film). Kerrigan has previously voiced Kimball Kinnison in the "Lensman" movie, Carson in the Streamline Pictures dub of "Dirty Pair: Project Eden", Morley in the Streamline Pictures dub of "Megazone 23 Part 1" and Johnny Winters (AKA Shogo Yahagi) in an obscure dub of "Megazone 23 Part II" which was only released on VHS and laserdisc in Japan in 1987.

Colonel B.D. AndrewsColonel B.D. Andrews
Colonel B.D. Andrews is a high ranking officer at the Robotech Research Centre, but is replaced with an identical clone of himself by the Robotech Masters in a plot to steal the memory matrix. The clone is very calculated and cunning. Andrews is played by Gregory Snegoff (credited as Greg Snow in the film). Greg's others roles have included, DJ Bill in the "Lensman" movie, Duke 'Golgo 13' Togo in the Streamline Pictures dub of "The Professional: Golgo 13" and strangely enough the original B.D. in the Streamline Pictures dub of "Megazone 23 Part 1". Greg has also worked as a dub director on Streamline Pictures English dubs of "Megazone 23 Part 1", "The Professional: Golgo 13", "Wicked City" and "Crying Freeman".

Becky MichaelsBecky Michaels
Becky Michaels is Mark's girlfriend. It seems the pair have somewhat of a stormy relationship. But Mark's actions and mysterious behaviour only seem to make things worse. Becky works as a dancer and appears on many TV shows. She shares a flat with Stacy Embrey and Kelly Stevens. In his synopsis of "Robotech the movie" contained in the book, "Robotech Art 3: The Sententials" as well as some Harmony Gold internal reference material, Carl Macek calls this character "Becky Franklin". However in the film she referrers to herself as "Becky Michaels". Becky is played by Brittany Harlowe who, like a lot of actors in this film, also appeared in the Streamline Pictures dub of "Megazone 23 Part 1", but providing the voice of Eve Tokimatsuri instead.

Eve is a mysterious but extremely popular singer. She has her own TV show where fans call up to discus their problems, but when Mark calls her, he us set upon by Andrews men. He tries to meet her to see if she set him up, but accidentally discovers her secret and her connection to the MODAT 5 and the government cover up of the Robotech Masters invasion. Eve is played by Muriel Fargo who also provided the voice of Sister Fortune in the obscure live action B-movie from the mid 1980's, "Roller Blade".

The Robotech MastersThe Robotech Masters
The Robotech Masters are a race of beings from a planet called Fantoma in the constellation of the Southern Cross. Sometime in the distant past, one of their scientists, Zor, created a kind of power source named Protocultre. Zor's battle fortress crashed on planet Earth in 1999, and was re-fitted by humans and re-launched as the SDF-1 in 2009. In "Robotech the movie", The Robotech Masters have come to retrieve the memory matrix of from the computer of Zor's battle fortress, and invade the Earth and abduct and clone one of the military's top raking officers to achieve their plan. The masters are part of a race called the Tirolian and generally are organised in groups of three in all aspects of their lives.

Todd HarrisTodd Harris
Todd Harris is a solider in the Southern Cross army. He performs duty in the first battle with the Robotech Masters with Colonel B.D. Andrews, who is abducted during battle. Later Todd is disgusted at the United Earth Government's cover-up of the invasion and steals the MODAT 5 in an attempt to reveal the truth to the public. Unfortunately Todd is stopped when he meets up with his friend Mark, though Mark manages to get away with the MODAT 5. Todd is played by Dan Woren who voiced Roy Fokker in the "Robotech" TV series and reprised his part of "Todd Harris" as Shinji Nakagawa in the Streamline Pictures dub of "Megazone 23 Part 1".

Professor Daryl EmbreyProfessor Daryl Embrey
Professor Daryl Embrey is the head of the Ministry of Computer Science. Embrey orders the computer to be shut off after some of Andrews men express concern at how he has ordered that the previously unused and untested computer from the SDF-1, the E.V.E, is to send it's data to a dead satellite, which could be infiltrated by the enemy. When Andrews retaliates, Embrey tries to escape to Alaska Base, with his daughter, where the master control for the E.V.E. is in a last ditch effort to shut down the computer and stop Andrews. Professor Embry is voiced by Mearle Pearson, who also played Admiral Hayes in the "Robotech" TV series.

Stacy EmbreyStacy Embrey
Although not mentioned the movie itself, according to Carl Macek's notes on "Robotech the movie", Stacy Embry is an aspiring song writer. She lives in a share house with Becky Michaels and Kelly Stevens. When Colonel B.D. Andrews, takes control of the E.V.E. computer, her father, Professor Daryl Embrey, attempts to take her to safety at Alaska Base. In some early Harmony Gold internal reference material, the character is named Susie Embrey.  Stacy is played by fan favourite Wendee Lee (credited as Wendy Swan in the film). Wendee has dubbed many anime characters in English including Yuri in the Streamline Pictures dub of the "Dirty Pair" movie and OVAs, Faye Valentine in "Cowboy Bebop", Kaolla Su in "Love Hina", Yahiko Myojin in "Rurouni Kenshin" and Angel in "Big O". She has also adapted and directed a number of English dubs including "Love Hina" and "Outlaw Star".

Kelly StevensKelly Stevens
Kelly Stevens is a film student who creates a film with Mark Landry and Becky Franklin in the lead roles. Mark believes the only reason he was cast as the lead was because he had the MODAT 5, which is used extensively in the film. But Kelly's inclusion of the MODAT 5 in her film has dire consequences for her. Kelly shares a flat with Becky Michaels and Stacy Embrey. Kelly is voiced by Edie Mirman (credited as Penny Sweet in the film). Edie has also played Clarissa 'Chris' McDougal in the "Lensman" movie and Fujiko Mine in Streamline Pictures English dubs of the "Lupin III" movies. She also reprised her "Kelly Stevens" role as Tomomi Murashita in the Streamline Pictures dub of "Megazone 23 Part 1".

Rolf EmersonRolf Emerson
Rolf Emerson is the Chief of Staff to the Supreme Commander of the United Earth Forces. He is a well liked leader, excellent strategist and thinks things through, unlike his commander, Leonard. Emerson originally appeared in the "Masters" arc of the "Robotech" TV series, where he was Bowie Grant's guardian. He plays a small role in "Robotech the movie", attempting to fight off the Robotech Masters as they try to obtain the memory matrix. Rolf is played by Michael McConnohie (credited as Jeremy Platt in the film). Michael's other roles have included Count Cagliostro in the Streamline Pictures dub of "The Castle of Cagliostro", D in the Streamline Pictures dub of "Vampire Hunter D" and Ramba Ral in "Mobile Suit Gundam The Movie".

Anatole Eli LeonardAnatole Eli Leonard
Anatole Eli Leonard is the Supreme Commander of United Earth Defence Forces. He's inflexible, stubborn and solves problems in the same way you'd use a sledgehammer to crack a nut. His approach to the Robotech Masters invasion is to attack them, which results in the death of many solders. He also gives the go-ahead for Andrews to have full control of the E.V.E. computer, which proves disastrous since Andrews is a clone created by the Robotech Masters. Like Emerson, Leonard also originally appeared in the "Masters" arc of the "Robotech" TV series. Leonard is played by Guy Garret.


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