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Memory Matrix (Database) - Cameos and In-jokes


Continuing below is a list of cameos and in-jokes that appear in "Megazone 23". I have also noted if and where they appear in "Robotech the movie" as well. I have also listed a cameo exclusive to "Robotech the movie" which originally appeared in the "Southern Cross" footage it was culled from. Click on the screenshots in order to see higher resolution versions. Time codes are in a "hours : minutes : seconds" format based on the original NTSC video format versions of the anime.

Immediately after the previous shot (at 0:45:37), a car slams it's brakes in the chaos caused by Shogo, and a man on a motorbike following the car crashes into it's rear. Although this shot is very quick, the man on the motorbike is unmistakably Kamen Rider no. 2 (otherwise known as Hayato Ichimonji) from the original "Kamen Rider" TV series which was originally broadcast between 1971 and 1973. In "Robotech the movie", this scene appears at 0:59:10.

Immediately following the above scene, Shogo hurtles around a corner with a police car in hot pursuit (at 0:45:40). The police officers inside the car seem to be Arsène Lupin III and Daisuke Jigen from the popular anime and manga franchise "Lupin III". This scene appears at 0:59:14 in "Robotech the movie".


After Shogo rampages through the city, he calls the military from a phone booth and demands to talk with BD. Shogo tells BD he knows who Eve Tokimatsuri is and threatens him. In one of the long shots in this sequence (at 0:46:39) an advertisement can be seen for the manga "Invincible Girl Rami (Muteki Shoujo Rami)", a 1984 manga written and illustrated by Narumi Kakinouchi and Toshihiro Hirano. Kakinouchi was an animation director on "Megazone 23" and Hirano of course supplied all of the anime's character designs except Eve Tokimatsuri's design.


The following morning Shogo is riding around the city and receives a call on the Garland's monitor from Eve who tells him about the spacecraft the city is in and how humanity came to live on these ships. Just before that, a truck with a Victor/JVC logo passes him in the other direction (at 0:48:43). Victor/JVC is the Japanese company that released "Megazone 23" on video and also released the soundtrack albums and singles. In "Robotech the movie", this scene appears at 0:33:34.

With the military finally cracking the layers of protection in Bahamut, the ship's computer, the audience is shown several computer readout screens from the point of view of the computer technicians. At 0:51:44, a screen shows the IBM logo in the bottom right hand corner. This scene appears at 0:51:32 in "Robotech the movie".

A second shot of another screen at 0:51:50 shows a screen of data including names of several well known franchises such as "Godzilla" and "Cream Lemon", which was an early ero anime OVA series which began in 1984. In "Robotech the movie", this scene appears at 0:51:38.

After defeating Bahamut's security, BD with the military leads a coup d'état in order to gain control over the entire spaceship. The police hold up outside the Prime Minister's residence in an attempt to stop the military. At 0:55:58, the policeman Arsène Lupin III makes a second appearance. This scene appears at 0:55:39 in "Robotech the movie".

With the government and spaceship now under his control, BD makes a televised announcement to the citizens saying that the country is at war with a foreign nation. In one of the shots in this sequence (1:04:40), a group of people can been see watching the broadcast on TV screens in a plaza. Sitting on a bench in the foreground seems to be Fanneria Amu from the anime TV series "Heavy Metal L-Gaim" which was broadcast during 1984 and 1985. In the background, behind the blue haired man sitting next to Fanneria, seems to be Mirao Kyao, another character from the series. There seems to be other cameos from anime characters in this shot; a young woman in red near Mirao and a man in blue in the background on the far left, but I cannot identify them. In "Robotech the movie", this scene appears at 0:09:07.

Despite some chaos in the city, Tomomi continues production on her film, shooting a scene with Yui and Shogo outside the east exit of Shinjuku station (at 1:02:13). Shinjuku Tiger makes another quick appearance here, jumping around, seemingly distributing flyers. This scene appears at 0:24:19 in "Robotech the movie".

With the murder of Tomomi by BD's men, Shogo sets off in rage to destroy the Bahamut with the Garland. After being attacked by several soldiers in Harguns, Shogo stages a surprise attack on one of them, destroying their Hargun (at 1:10:31). During the impact seen from the point of view of the monitor of the Hargun, the "impact frame" in that cut has a shot of Yui in her leotard. This type of blink-and-you'll-miss-it "impact frame" shot was fairly common in anime in the 1980's. In "Robotech the movie", this scene appears at 1:02:16.

The final cameo in this section can only be found in "Robotech the movie". During the early battle sequence between Todd Harris' platoon commanded by Colonel B.D. Edwards and the Bioroids, Ryu Urashiman, from the 1983 anime TV series "Future Policeman Urashiman", can be seen running with other civilians (at 0:05:16). Footage for "Robotech the movie" was of course partly culled from "Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross", the 1984 anime TV series which made up the "Masters Saga" of the original 1985 "Robotech" TV series. Both "Urashiman" and "Southern Cross" were produced by anime studio Tatsunoko Production, hence Ryu's short cameo. In the original "Southern Cross" TV series, the scene appears in episode 8, "Metal Fire" at the 19th minute. The scene also appears in episode 45 of the "Robotech" TV series which has the same episode title as it's "Southern Cross" counterpart, at roughly the same time.

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